Tracy Osborn

loves building websites, creating web apps, and working on fun side-projects.

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I like building stuff.

My background, in a nutshell: My background is in design (BFA Art & Design from Cal Poly SLO), and I've been building websites since I was 11. My first job was leading design and front-end development for a startup,then I freelanced, then I taught myself Python, launched my own startup, then wrote a couple books on beginner web app development.

My two main projects:

Hello Web App

Hello Web App series

I taught myself to code alongside building my startup, and as I became more skilled with programming, I thought about better ways I wish programming (and web app development) could be taught.

Hello Web App is a series of two books teaching programming through web app development with Django — the same path I used to teach myself programming. Hello Web App is a tutorial introducing the Python framework Django and walking readers through building and launching a basic web app. Hello Web App: Intermediate Concepts teaches more advanced skills and features like adding customer payments, an API, and database design.



I built WeddingLovely to teach myself how to code, and it grew into a startup. I was accepted into the Designer Fund and 500 Startups in 2011 and raised two very small rounds of funding.

WeddingLovely walks customers through planning their wedding and connects them with local and small business wedding vendors. Today WeddingLovely (and all eleven WeddingLovely web properties) largely run themselves and I act mostly in an advisory position.

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